G1000 Simulator With The Best Flight Sim Controls

What is a  G1000 Flight Simulator?

The G1000 is an all encompassing flight deck solution that is used in thousands of aircraft worldwide. With its proliferation in general aviation aircraft, the need for a complete flight simulator for home use is at an all time high. The G1000 includes all flight data that you would find in a traditional 6 pack aircraft. It also has an integrated GPS system, autopilot and moving map to make for easy flight planning and enroute navigation. 

Learning the G1000 avionics system can be confronting as there is a lot of detail to understand and it’s easy to get lost in this complexity, especially if you are trying to learn this system in the air.  The best way to get comfortable with this very capable platform is explore the G1000 system in your own time and there is no better way to do that than with your home flight simulator.

Primary Flight Display (PFD)

The primary flight display gives you all the flight data such as airspeed, attitude, heading, CDI, moving map and much more. Everything is formatted just like it is in the real world G1000 which makes practicing doing your instrument scans easy and effective. Information for instrument approaches is included such as localizer and glide path indicators.  The RealSimGear G1000 is the perfect G1000 Flight Simulator to use at home for both pilots and students in flight school, as well as flight sim enthusiasts. The G1000 is a great instrument to have in a hardware cockpit for your simulator because it combines all of the key instruments into one, making it easy to setup and compact.

Multi Function Display (MFD)

The multi function display has many different modes and sub menus and also replaces older navigation devices like the GNS products from Garmin. Really diving into these modes and menus can be difficult when using a mouse and keyboard and that is where the RealSimGear G1000 comes in. Our G1000 simulator has all the buttons and knobs you would find in a real aircraft to make becoming proficient with these complex avionics easier.  The MFD is where you will enter flight plans and really dive into the details of the G1000 system.

Flight Planning 

The G1000 offers robust flight planning features and allows access to airport information such as frequencies, runways, departure and arrival procedures. Our G1000 simulator makes an ideal training platform for flight schools as the instructor can sit with the student and go over all the critical information the G1000 can provide. Furthermore, there are many ways that pilots can benefit from flying a simulator as well. It is possible to enter a complete flight plan, make changes, select departure, arrival and approach procedures which is a particularly effective use of a home G1000 simulator.  Using third party services such as Navigraph, it is also possible to have the navigation data used by the G1000 simulator to be automatically updated as updates to real world procedures are released.

GPS Navigation 

On top of all the flight planning procedures, the Garmin G1000 has a full fledged GPS system which allows you to monitor your position via a moving map. The moving map is able to show you your current position, nearby airports, and NEXRAD weather.  The display range shown on the G1000 MFD can be adjusted using the range knob included on the RealSimGear G1000 and the map can also be panned around in order to explore map features, airports and other things.

Flight Information 

The G1000 brings everything you would find in an older style 6 pack aircraft and consolidates it down to two screens. This replaces these traditional steam gauges and also replaces standalone GPS devices like the GNS530 and GTN750 and GFC700 or GFC500 autopilot.  This makes the G1000 simulator very versatile.  Various aircraft developers include customized versions of the G1000 system to include airframe specific features such as engine screens that are specific to that particular type of aircraft, or the inclusion of checklists.  Having this level of detail really helps develop and practice solid workflows so that everything you do in the real aircraft can be practiced using the G1000 simulator.

The RealSimGear G1000 Simulator 

The RealSimGear G1000 is an affordable simulator for home or education use. It looks and feels like the real thing and offers high quality, high brightness  IPS screens, backlighting for all buttons and text. The RealSimGear G1000 is even used in advanced aircraft like the Cirrus SR20/22 or our TBM package. The RealSimGear G1000 is used by many flight schools and universities to assist with their training programs. 

Our G1000 works with many simulator platforms such as X-Plane 11, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and P3D.  If you’re looking for inspiration for your home cockpit, check out these 10 awesome home flight simulators