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RealSimGear TBM Package

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Ships in approximately 6-8 weeks due to panel lead time, see note below.


The RealSimGear TBM Package is the ultimate hardware setup for the Hotstart TBM900 aircraft. The package includes:

  • RealSimGear G1000 10.4" PFD
  • RealSImGear 15" MFD
  • RealSimGear GMA Audio Panel
  • RealSimGear GCU47X
  • RealSImGear GFC500
  • RealSimGear TBM Switch Panel Set
  • Custom Stay Level Avionix Panel, made to fit your existing yoke and throttle quadrant (select from options available when ordering)

The above TBM components come fully assembled and pre-configured and:

  • Works with X-Plane and the Hotstart TBM900
  • Works with other X-Plane and P3D aircraft with custom command mapping
  • Includes two dedicated HDMI displays
  • Ultra-realistic buttons, knobs, switches and levers
  • Simple USB connections
  • Includes ultra high quality Stay Level Avionix custom panel
  • Continental US Ground Shipping Included

The Stay Level Avionix panel makes for easy table top mounting.  With the included USB hub all cables are contained within the panel for easy moving and storage.

PLEASE NOTE: Throttle and yoke shown in the image are NOT INCLUDED with this package.  As the custom panel is made to suit your home yoke and throttle, the lead time for this from the manufacturer, Stay Level Avionix, is 4-7 weeks.  RealSimGear will be in contact with you during this time to provide updates on your order status.  Please choose carefully as since the panel is custom ordered, it is not refundable.

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