10 Amazing Home Flight Simulators

Remember when you had two options for home flight simulators?  You either had to pay a crazy amount of money, or you did a DIY build of your own that never resembled anything inside a cockpit. Well, that has all changed, and you now have the option to customize a flight sim with realistic components. We've seen some really unique flight simulator setups, and every time we come across one, we become further inspired to keep creating realistic flight sim products.

If you’re currently building a flight sim, or you’re planning on building one, take a look at some of these awesome setups created by our customers. 

The Cirrus Home Simulator

If you fly in a Cirrus aircraft, having a simulator with buttons and knobs in the same position as that of a Cirrus is great for muscle memory.  Eugene, a Cirrus owner, uses our Cirrus Perspective Package to keep his skills sharp during times of not flying as regularly as normal. 

Home Flight Simulator Components:

Setup from @genestclair

home flight simulator

A Young Pilot in The Making 

Jason, an airline captain, uses his flight simulator to not only practice himself but teaches his son the intricate operations of these systems. Using a flight sim from the comfort of your own home takes away the stress that real world flying may create and allows you to focus on the basics. 

Home Flight Simulator Components:

Setup from @captn_jason

The Private Pilot Simulator 

Talk about full immersion! With the curved screen and almost identical configuration as a real cockpit, you can practise workflows and gain the muscle memory you’ve always wanted when flying. Now you can practice your IFR procedures, load a flight plan and build confidence from your own home.

Home Flight Simulator Components - 

  • RealSimGear G1000 Suite 
  • Honeycomb yoke
  • Go flight landing gear panel 
  • Custom Stay Level Avionics panel
  • 65” curved screen 

home flight simulator

A Simulator Made for Night Flights 

This setup makes us want to fly all day and into the night! The triple screen setup is a great way to get a wrap around effect and certainly helps with VFR manoeuvres, especially those base to final turns!

Home Flight Simulator Components:

home flight simulator

Retro Plane, Modern Components 

James has had lots of fun building his simulator over the years. He built this home sim to keep his skills sharp and stay confident so he can get the most out of his aircraft when he’s actually flying it. The main and switch panels are laser cut and completely assembled from wood. 

Home Flight Simulator Components:

Setup from @newdarizum

home flight simulator

The Work From Home Simulator 

Tobi is a GIS Analyst Aviator and built this flight sim at his house to keep sane during recent times. A lot of planes are grounded and since he isn’t flying as much as normal, he likes to stay competent and learn new things he wouldn't practice normally. 

Home Flight Simulator Components:

Setup from @tobisanta

home flight simulator

The DIY Flight Simulator 

These DIY builds are beginning to look a lot like the real thing. Even though a lot of what’s in this photo is purchased, the entire panel was made by Sparky, who is a private pilot. Investing in a flight simulator will help improve your flying in the real world and help you become a better pilot. 

Home Flight Simulator Components:

Setup from @sparkyaviator

home flight simulator

The Ultimate Home Flight Simulator 

If you really want to upgrade your home setup, you can get a simulator frame and seat which will house all your gear.  A flight sim frame is a great alternative solution to placing your equipment on a desk, and allows for perfect positioning of the rudder pedals.

Home Flight Simulator Components:

home flight simulator

The Plug & Play Cirrus Simulator 

This is the ultimate Cirrus home simulator. The RealSimGear Cirrus Desktop Console paired with the TorqueSim SR22 provides a complete, self contained home training setup with all key functions represented by actual switches and other hardware. The console is designed to work with standard, joystick style controllers which are more representative of the Cirrus side stick yoke. 

Home Flight Simulator Components - 

Time to Build Yours 

Now that you’ve seen a variety of the different flight simulator setups, it’s time to get going on yours. There is no better time to invest in a flight simulator, for extra practice or just for fun. We have some great articles on our website that step through setting up your sim, plus examples of some recommended sim builds, or you can contact us for advice on setting up your simulator. We can help with customized flight sim packages including flight controls, PC's and assisted setup.

Blue skies and tail winds!


  • Hi,

    Are you able to provide options for the Tecnam P2006T MK2? Its got a G1000NXI with integrated engine display.

    Kind regards,


    Celroy Mascarenhas
  • Great examples of usable simulators.

    Phillip Steck, Capt, USAF, Ret.
  • I have had my TBM set up from you now for about 12 months and it is fantastic. To practice IFR on this is superb and the garmin 10000 on it is brilliant.
    The autopilot is not the same as on my real TBM 850 so I would like to upgrade when this comes available.
    Also I am using a simple throttle with no reverse on it or condition leaver. Again, when you upgrade this I will buy one.
    But I would recommend the TBM hot start and your simulator. Just like the real thing. Nick Hanley UK

    Nick Hanley

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