• SFx Development Update

    The RealSimGear SF50 and the RSG Onboard Avionics Platform continue to progress well towards the upcoming release of the SFx.
  • G6 Engine Announcement

    RealSimGear is proud to introduce our latest additions to the Cirrus BATD and SRx AATD family - the G6-based aircraft simulations. These incredible aircraft feature brand new physics-based engine models, powered by TorqueSim, to provide you with a truly immersive and authentic flight experience that closely mirrors their real-world counterparts.

  • Flight School Economics: Measuring the Value of AATD Simulators in Training Programs

    Discover the financial benefits of incorporating Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) simulators into flight schools. This article explores the cost-benefit analysis, highlighting key advantages:
  • Enhancing Realism: Customizing your Full Flight Simulator

    Explore the best ways to amplify the immersion of your flight simulator. This post discusses three distinct levels of flight simulation, and the additional add ons that can be used to achieve the best at-home flight training experience possible.
  • How to Choose the Best Monitor for Flight Simulation

    Learn how to choose the best monitor for your needs. With this comprehensive review you'll discover key considerations, top monitor options, and important factors to keep in mind before purchasing.
  • Unleashing the Potential of Flight Simulators

    How to Use Your Flight Simulator For Training Flight simulators have come a long way from simple video games for aviation enthusiasts. Today, they ...
  • How to Upgrade Your Fly This Sim

    Using RealSimGear with Fly This Sim Fly This Sim was well-known for creating flight simulators, and were one of the only manufacturers with FAA app...
  • How To Practice Mountain Flying

    Mountain Flying With A Flight Simulator  While flying in mountainous terrain offers incredible views and amazing destinations, it also comes with m...
  • Practicing Emergencies With Flight Simulators

    Failures, Dangerous Situations, and Uncomfortable Scenarios  Whether it’s an instantaneous failure, a troubling situation that gradually worsens, o...
  • How A Flight Simulator Will Pay Itself Off

    Flying is not like riding a bike, there are far too many things that must be kept fresh in a pilot's mind, and if they do not fly often, they will ...
  • 5 Scenarios Every Pilot Must Practice With A Flight Simulator

    Procedures To Chair-Fly On A Flight Simulator “Chair Flying” - The act of sitting in a chair and drilling procedures as if you were flying a real a...
  • What to Know About Online Ground Schools

    Choosing the Right Online Ground School for Flight Training Many factors go into choosing the right ground school for your education, especially ...