Does this work with Reality-XP

Yes! Our products work very well with Reality-XP.  Please see this guide for setup instructions.

Is there any assembly required?

No! This product is fully assembled and ready to go. There is nothing for you to buy, 3D print, solder. Each unit is built and tested before shipping.

Is it difficult to setup?

No! All you have to do is install our plugin and configure the pop out GPS screen to appear on the RealSimGear product.  Please note, we do not supply HDMI cables.  You will need to source the appropriate cable based on the available ports you have on your computer.

I don't have a spare HDMI port, will this work?

Yes! You can connect to any available DisplayPort, DVI port or HDMI port.  If you want to connect to a DisplayPort or DVI port you can use any DisplayPort or DVI to HDMI adapter to cable. These are readily available from Amazon, BestBuy or any electrical goods store.  You will need your own HDMI cable, we do not supply HDMI cables. 

Does this work with Mac?

RealSimGear products will work with Apple computer models using an Intel CPU. If your Mac uses an Apple M Series chip, RealSimGear products will not work with the system. RealSimGear is looking to address this in the future when development and support resources for this are available. Please note, touch screen products (GTN750 and GTN650) are available for Windows only.

How big is it?

All RealSimGear products are matched to the real thing.  This article contains technical drawings for all our products that can be used when planning your setup or for mounting into an existing panel.  


 Can I fit this into my panel?

Yes, there are 4 mounting holes located on the rear of the units, that are sized for M3 (or #4) self tapping screws.  See images for specific details for each product.


Is it worth the money?

Yes! For around the cost of 1 flight lesson you have the ability to practice the use of the 430/530 in a realistic way.  The right time to learn the ins and outs of your GPS is on the ground, not in the air where it's expensive.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel anytime prior to your order shipping for a full refund. 


RealSimGear branded products can be returned for any reason within 30 days of receiving the product, with some exceptions.  Please see our return policy for complete details, 

 Where do you ship from?

 All our orders ship from our wearhouse in San Diego, California, USA.  

What currency do you use on your website?

All our prices are in US Dollars.

Will the power pack work in other countries?

Yes, our power packs work with 110-240v.  Please note, our power packs have US pins for USA outlets.  Other countries will require an adapter for the power pack to fit local power outlets.