Benefits of A Cirrus Flight Simulator

The Importance of Cirrus Flight Training 

Cirrus Aircraft are among the most popular single-engine light aircraft globally for many reasons. Even though it’s an easy plane to fly with many safety systems, it also has sophisticated advanced avionics which can get a lot of inexperienced pilots into trouble. It’s no secret that the key to successfully learning and staying proficient with any aircraft is preparation and training. While Cirrus Airplanes are known for their state-of-the-art avionics, your proficiency will drop if you aren’t flying (or practicing) frequently. Many Cirrus flight training programs are out there to prepare pilots to fly integrated avionics and glass panel equipped aircraft. But before we get into the training programs, and Cirrus sims, let's discuss the Cirrus Aircraft and why it reigns supreme. 

Cirrus SR22 and SR20 Aircraft 

Did you know that ever since the beginning of the 21st century, the Cirrus SR Aircraft has been the highest-produced light aircraft in the world? Since 2001, the company has manufactured over 6,500 widely used personal planes and training aircraft.  The SR series aircraft and know for their speed, technology and level of finish, as well as inclusion of the Cirrus Airframe Parachute system or CAPS which is an important safety feature.

Learning The Cirrus Avionics 

The Cirrus aircraft range stands out as they represent a newer, more modern approach to general aviation. Even though Cirrus aircraft have state-of-the-art avionics, advanced composite technology, and unparalleled safety that make the operations reasonably easy to learn - consistent training is imperative. Moreover, the Cirrus Perspective avionics can be overwhelming and although very capable, inexperienced pilots can easily become lost in it’s various menus and functions so a training program and flight simulator will benefit systems knowledge and muscle memory.   Cirrus themselves offer a comprehensive training program called Cirrus Approach which is delivered in conjunction with flight training provided by certified Cirrus Instructor Pilots or CSIPs.

Cirrus Flight Simulator

As we've stated, consistent training is necessary to be a good pilot in any aircraft. However, not everyone has the time to fly each week or bad weather limits flying during certain times of the year, so using a flight simulator can play a key role in providing more time to practice. The more realistic your simulator is, the more applicable it is to real-life flying because as you increase the immersion, you accelerate the learning. Having a Cirrus Simulator like their real-world counterparts helps build muscle memory and minimize the negative transfer of skill in real-world flights. A simulator also allows you to practice things that are just not possible during a real world flight such as some emergency procedures or rehearsing a flight to an unfamiliar airport.

Here at RealSimGear, we have three different Cirrus Flight Simulators: The Cirrus Cockpit, Cirrus Desktop Console, and the Cirrus Perspective Package. If you fly a Cirrus SR20 or SR22 aircraft, any of these flight simulator packages will be extremely helpful in staying proficient with the operation of the Perspective avionics. We also carry a line of FAA-certified, Basic Aviation Training Device or BATD Cirrus Simulators, including our Cirrus BATD. That means you can now log hours towards private and instrument ratings and maintain FAA-required instrument currency (6 in 6). You can also choose Perspective or Prospective Plus hardware configurations, and we do have non-certified configurations available.

Cirrus Cockpit Simulator For Sale 

Are you looking for the ultimate Cirrus Home Training Setup, a true plug & play flight simulator? Look no further than the RealSimGear Cirrus Cockpit Flight Simulator, where every switch, button, and knob are modeled precisely after the Cirrus cockpit. It even has a force feedback yoke dimensionally accurate to the real thing. This is a self contained system with all cables and accessories provided and comes fully assembled. There is no better way to practice and fly a Cirrus aircraft from the comfort of your home. 

What does Cirrus flight training cost? 

Like most flight training services, the pricing will vary contingent on each program's amount of time and depth. That being said, the training course is typically integrated into the real world flight training or transition program, with the cost dependant on how many actual flight hours are required to demonstrate your proficiency to your CSIP.  

How much flight experience is needed for cirrus transition training? 

If you are current but have never flown a Cirrus, the transition course, designed by Cirrus, has excellent structure and can be completed in approximately 10 hours of in-flight training with a CSIP Instructor..

How much does a new Cirrus SR22 cost? 

The turbocharged SR22T is the most popular variation of the Cirrus Aircraft. That aircraft will cost $800,000-$1,000,000 depending on the various options selected.  There are many options and upgrades available, form the size of the Perspective Avionics screens, to oxygen and de-icing systems and many more.

How far can an SR22 fly? 

A Cirrus SR22 with the added power, fuel capacity, and speed will fly over 1,100 nautical miles but the range is depending on the amount fuel that is carried so is often balanced between how much weight is allowed for passengers and luggage vs fuel. 

Should I use a flight simulator before taking pilot lessons?

While it isn’t a requirement to use a flight simulator before getting your pilot's license, a home flight simulator will most definitely be advantageous to learning avionics, building muscle memory, and staying proficient.  The Garmin Perspective avionics is very capable, but also complex so it’s a huge benefit to spend time at your own pace to get to know what it can do.  The confidence that comes from knowing how to use the avionics systems to their full capability will add significantly to your enjoyment and confidence when flying the real aircraft.

How effective are flight simulators in training new pilots?

A flight simulator is very effective for new pilots because they give the person confidence in a controlled environment without the added pressure of a flight instructor observing every move. Flight simulators provide a stress-free environment to practice, with the many options available to work on proper radio communication, allowing aspiring pilots to hone their skills before they’re airborne.

What are the advantages of a flight simulation?

With a home sim, you can practice the procedures you’ll be doing the next time you go flying and be better prepared. Even more so, you can recreate in-flight failures, giving you the chance to learn how to deal with these types of situations in a safe and consequence-free environment.