the realsimgear referral program

Affiliates, ambassadors, and advocates

A true friend always guides us toward what is beneficial, and we deeply value your introductions to your friends, students, and fellow pilots. Your support means a great deal to us, and as a token of our gratitude for aiding our growth, we invite you to enjoy the benefits of our Referral Program.


Your students trust you with your experience in and out of the plane. You understand the value and benefit that our simulators bring, and we’re very appreciative of those recommendations. Earn rewards for every sale you generate, whether from your students, colleagues, or any pilot you recommend our products to.


As a valued customer, you have experienced the many benefits that our simulators bring firsthand. We greatly appreciate your referral, whether to fellow pilots, aviation enthusiasts, or anyone interested in high-quality flight simulation. Thank you for being a customer, and we look forward to continuing to exceed your expectations.


Flight Schools are responsible for ensuring the safety, competence, and compliance of pilots through comprehensive training and education. Our flight simulators play a crucial role in that journey by providing a realistic and immersive training environment. As a flight school, benefit from every sale generated through your recommendations.


Cirrus Training Centers are renowned for their commitment to producing safe pilots and prioritizing safety in their training programs. Advanced simulators enhance pilot training by providing a realistic flight experience, allowing pilots to practice scenarios and emergencies in a controlled environment. As a training center, you can capitalize on every sale that is generated as a result of your referral.

The Details

RealSimGear Referral Program applies only to full systems purchases ($10k+). Upon receiving a referral, we will initiate contact with the referred customer within two business days to discuss our systems. Following an assessment to ascertain whether the referred customer is indeed new to our services, RealSimGear will proceed accordingly. Once the customer has successfully purchased a system and surpassed the 30-day return policy, we will contact you to discuss the details of your referral fee.

There are two components of the referral program:

- For each referral, you, as a referrer will receive a prepaid gift card for $500

- For the purchaser of the system, there we will provide a discount of $500 off the price of the system.

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