RealSimGear Perspective + Avionics

RealSimGear is excited to offer the next generation of avionics software for our Cirrus products! For a number of years, the RealSimGear simulator systems sold for the Cirrus have been hampered by the lack of a true Perspective+ avionics package, thus customers had to compromise with the older style Perspective avionics.

What's Included

The RealSimGear Perspective+ avionics software is a faithful replication of what is found in a real Cirrus aircraft! Synthetic vision, full flight planning capabilities including VNAV, fly-by waypoints, user defined holds are all modeled accurately!

initial startup screens

VNAV, Synthetic Vision, Fly-By waypoints

Fuel Management and W&B

aircraft specific checklists & engine page

Aux and gps status pages

schedule a consult

Talk to a RealSimGear expert about the latest perspective + software. Learn more about what's included and how it integrates seamlessly into our entire Cirrus product line.

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