I am a Product Design Engineer who recently earned my Private Pilots License and Instrument Rating here in San Diego, California.  During my flight training I found it very helpful to practice certain maneuvers or procedures using my very basic PC flight simulator. Late in my training I discovered virtual ATC with PilotEdge and more fully realized the benefit of practicing instrument procedures with the added realism of live radio communications. 

X-Plane and other flight simulation software provides ultra realistic avionics that are exactly the same as what is found in general aviation training aircraft.  While it is possible to purchase control yokes, rudder pedals, throttles and basic radio panel hardware these only provide half of the experience.  Most of the complexity in the avionics is tied up in the navigation systems yet there were no affordable products that could be purchased to support general aviation training and help you develop proficiency in these systems. Whilst there is no substitute for training with your CFI, practicing at home greatly improves your rate of learning and personal confidence.

I hope this product enables many more student pilots and aviation enthusiasts to enjoy the benefits of training using realistic hardware and that this results in more competent and confident general aviation pilots.