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G1000 + Cirrus Perspective Package


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GCU Stack


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The RealSimGear G1000 Suite is coupled with a Cirrus Perspective center console to enable ultra realistic Cirrus flight training. The Cirrus Perspective Package includes the G1000 PFD and MFD and Perspective or Perspective+ Center Console, as well as the Desktop Stands and Flight Deck Mounting Plate. 

The Perspective center console (GCU Stack) includes:

  • GCU47X ABCDEF keyboard, dedicated HDG, ALT, CRS, FMS knobs and buttons for G1000 operation
  • GFC700 Autopilot panel
  • GMA350 Audio panel

The Perspective+ center console (GCU Stack) includes:

  • Fully backlit GCU479 QWERTY keyboard
  • GFC500 Autopilot panel
  • GMA350 Audio panel

The Cirrus Perspective Package:

This is the most affordable, highest quality and most realistic Cirrus Perspective simulation system available.

Note: The yoke and throttle shown in picture are not included. 

Note: The ABCDEF GCU47X and QWERTY GCU479 are NOT interchangeable within the GCU stack bracket as they are different sizes.  This is the same for the GFC500 and the GFC700 autopilot unit.   


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