Virtual Fly Ruddo+ Rudder Pedals
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Virtual Fly Ruddo+ Rudder Pedals

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Step on for real with our Hall Effect Ruddo PLUS. Feel the Load Cells on differential brakes for superior performance and durability. Designed to simulate the minimum effort exerted in real aircraft.

Unbreakable, guaranteed. Virtual-Fly produces RUDDO Pedals with a superior commitment on durability.

Its metal case with aluminum and solid steel parts as well as all mobile components are designed for a long lasting performance.

Hall Effect Magnetic Sensors.

Load Cells on differential brakes.

RUDDO Pedals are equipped with load cells (pressure sensors) on its differential brakes so you don´t have to worry about exceeding strength applied to the pedals or loosing precision on its performance.

 It is compatible with MSFS, P3D, X-Plane.

Rudder pedals

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