G1000 + Cirrus Perspective Console - Coming Soon

Regular price $2,699.00

The RealSimGear G1000 Suite is coupled with a Cirrus Perspective center console to enable ultra realistic Cirrus flight training. The suite includes the G1000 PFD, MFD and Perspective complete center console. 

The Perspective center console will include:

  • ABCDEF keyboard, dedicated HDG, ALT, CRS, FMS knobs and buttons for G1000 operation
  • Autopilot panel
  • Audio panel
  • Works with X-Plane and P3D
  • Fully assembled and configured
  • Dedicated HDMI displays
  • Ultra-realistic buttons and knobs
  • Simple USB connection

The suite can be easily mounted into an existing panel, stay tuned for a range of third party panel systems designed to mount this G1000 suite.

This is the most affordable, highest quality and most realistic Cirrus Perspective simulation system available.

Note: This requires a suitable airplane/software configuration in order to utilize all of the available buttons and knobs.  The level of functionality will depend on how the airplane is configured in the simulation software.  Please contact us if you have any questions about this.