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AFM Mooney M20 Professional License

RealSimGear Take Command! DA40NG

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RealSimGear and X-Aviation are excited to announce the upcoming release of the Take Command! DA40NG for X-Plane 12! This is RealSimGear's first aircraft for X-Plane, but builds on the experience with TorqueSim and the Take Command! SR20 and SR22.  This state-of-the-art simulation is designed to provide the most realistic and immersive flying experience possible. 

RealSimGear products are designed both for home consumers and flight schools alike. Our products can be used both for fun and serious training. This aircraft definitely follows that trend. This RealSimGear Diamond DA40NG Commercial Edition is FAA approved for use in the RealSimGear Diamond BATD system.

The RealSimGear DA40NG features highly detailed 3D modeling of the aircraft, including accurate representations of the cockpit, instruments, and controls. The simulation also includes advanced flight dynamics modeling, which accurately replicates the aircraft's performance and handling characteristics.

Aircraft Features

  • 3D model and texturing in the RealSimGear DA40NG simulation are among the most accurate and detailed available in the industry. The processes used are optimized for X-Plane 12 to take advantage of the fantastic new lighting engine. 
  • Detailed physics- based electrical system — everything in the aircraft down to the circuit breakers is modeled. This results in proper behavior with the various busses. Additionally, a live electrical system diagram presents a view of the state of the system which aids dramatically in understanding what the switches actually do. 
  • Custom fuel and cooling systems which model the unique systems on board the DA40NG. As with the electrical system, we also have live system diagrams to show what is going on behind the scenes.
  • Custom Engine Controllers (EECU) to model the Austro AE300 engine behaviors, including the voter switch with failover mode and the ground ECU test.  
  • Customized G1000 featuring the DA40NG's custom engine sidebars and alerts.
  • Fully custom FMOD sound pack - the result of hundreds of hours of source audio, carefully recorded from the real aircraft. Recordings of the engine on the ground, and in-flight have provided for a highly-accurate and immersive sound pack replicating the real aircraft. Every switch, knob, lever, and button have been modeled.
  • Carefully tuned flight model to accurately represent the DA40NG.
  • Custom Weight and Balance interface to accurately load out the aircraft and stay within limits.
  • Persistent systems, the aircraft stays how you left it to provide additional realism.

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