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RealSimGear Cirrus Desktop Console


Limited Stock Available - Ships in approx 4 weeks

GCU Stack


In Stock - Ships in approximately 3 weeks after ordering

NEW - Avidyne Entegra Options

The ultimate Cirrus home simulator.  The RealSimGear Cirrus Desktop Console provides a complete, self contained home training setup with all key functions represented by actual switches and other hardware.

The console is designed to work with standard, joystick style controllers which are more representative of the Cirrus side stick yoke.  The Logitech throttle quadrant can be fitted to the console to position the throttle in the correct location for a Cirrus aircraft.

When coupled with the RealSimGear / TorqueSim SR22 aircraft there is no better Cirrus simulator available for home use.

Fully enclosed and assembled with internal, dedicated display adapter means there is a single USB 3 and power connection.  This makes it easy to move or store the console when not in use.

No mounting brackets required, the console is stable, included rubber feet protect your desktop.


  • Choice of G1000 PFD/MFD Displays or Avidyne Entegra
  • NEW - Cirrus Switch Panel
  • NEW - Cirrus Multi Panel (Mags, boost pump, fuel tank select, flaps)
  • NEW - Console enclosure with internal USB hub and display adapter
  • Choice of GCU/GPS Stack
  • Perspective (with GCU47X, GFC700 autopilot and GMA350 audio panel) or
  • Perspective+ (with GCU479. GFC500 autopilot and GMA350 audio panel)
  • Entegra Options (Dual GNS430, Dual GTN650 or GTN750+GTN650)
  • All cables and power supply 

Does not include side stick, throttle unit or monitor. 

The console measures 680mm x 240mm x 50mm

Note: The GCU47X and GCU479 are NOT interchangeable within the GCU stack bracket as they are different sizes.  This is the same for the GFC500 and the GFC700 autopilot unit.   

Note: Additional purchase require for Reality-XP avionics software


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