RealSimGear / TorqueSim Announce SR20 and SR22 Entegra Edition

RealSimGear together with TorqueSim and X-Aviation are excited to announce new Entegra editions of the popular SR22 and SR20 are coming soon for X-Plane.  These aircraft are our most complex simulations to-date. Brand-new custom avionics, the TorqueSim physics engine, our maintenance and wear system, all paired with a gorgeous 3D model and a phenomenal sound pack. And that is just the beginning!

These new Entegra aircraft editions are design to work with new RealSimGear Entegra hardware.  This will provide Avidyne Entegra Cirrus Pilots with an immersive and effective home training platform.

RealSimGear will soon be launching a Avidyne Entrega style PFD/MFD along with new mounting bracket options that allow multiple hardware configurations that match what is commonly found in Entegra equipped Cirrus aircraft.

  • Dual GNS430s
  • GTN750 + GTN650
  • Dual GTN650s

The new PFD/MFD features backlit buttons and knobs and 10.4" IPS displays.

The TorqueSim/RealSimGear Entegra simulation is setting the bar for X-Plane GA Avionics. The custom developed avionics suite accurately replicates the Entegra avionics, both with PFD and MFD functions. This project has been a massive undertaking in developing our first fully-custom avionics package. Simulating the Entegra R8 flight deck will provide the ultimate platform for flying and learning. Also, new to the aircraft, a popup Angle of Attack indicator!  For more details on the capabilities of the new avionics software, visit the SR22 or SR20 specific product pages.

The new RealSimGear Entegra hardware is designed to be used with our Cirrus Desktop Console or other mounting hardware, new package options will be available.