RealSimGear Products Now Compatible with Garmin Trainer

RealSimGear is pleased to announce that our G1000 based products are now compatible with some Garmin G1000 PC Trainer software editions. This allows RealSimGear owners to practice with the newer Perspective+ and NXi G1000 versions.

Garmin has for some time made PC Trainer software that allows you to practice using the exact aircraft G1000 system on your PC.  This software is available for purchase from the Garmin website and is usually delivered on a USB stick.  The software is a very close, if not exact, representation of what you would find in the real aircraft and is very useful for getting to know all of the various menu items and functions that the G1000 system has to offer.

Owners of RealSimGear G1000 hardware are now able to use their G1000 Suite, GCU47X and GFC700 with the Garmin PC Trainer software, which greatly improves ease of use and allows you to practise pushing real buttons and knobs rather than a mouse.  In addition, it is possible to use your joystick or yoke and throttle with the PC Trainer which makes it possible to re-create some flight scenarios.

The RealSimGear Cirrus packages are compatible with the Garmin Cirrus Perspective+ PC Trainer

The RealSimGear Garmin Trainer Interface automatically finds your RealSimGear hardware and configures the PFD and MFD screens.  No additional configuration is required, however you must have a the Garmin PC Trainer software installed on your PC.  RealSimGear does not sell or supply Garmin PC Trainer software - this must be purchased through Garmin.

This is a great way to dive deep into the Perspective+ system and learn everything it has to offer and the RealSimGear Garmin Trainer Interface is now available for free to all existing RealSimGear customers.

Watch us demonstrate the use of the Garmin PC Trainer here, and to access the setup guide and downloads, click here.