RealSimGear G500 for X-Plane will be released this Friday

RealSimGear and X-Aviation are excited to announce that the RealSimGear G500 for X-Plane will be released this Friday, September 24! The RealSimGear G500 is a standalone gauge for X-Plane, meaning it can be added to any aircraft. It can also be detached into its own window, or used with the RealSimGear G1000 hardware, or G500 hardware (coming soon). For developers, the G500 can be integrated into the 3D cockpit of X-Plane aircraft! See below for more information. The G500 is built on top of RealSimGear’s navigator system, first shown in the RealSimGear Entegra, available in the TorqueSim SR20 and SR22, Entegra Editions. This is just the start for RealSimGear avionics!

Highlighted Features Include:

  • Accurate avionics with detailed menus and configurability.
  • An integration into default Cessna 172 is included, ready to fly.
  • Already integrated into the TorqueSim BN-2B Islander and BN-2T Turbine Islander - and more integrations are coming!
  • Detailed map views showing the flight plan, terrain, traffic, airspace, airports, airways, highways, cities, and more! Unparalleled custom avionics for X-Plane.
  • Waypoint information page, able to retrieve detailed information about airports, VORs, and more, right from the G500.
  • Integration with the RealityXP GTN and GNS avionics for even more accurate behavior.
  • Helicopter configuration, with flipped displays for right-sided mounting.


Learn more about the RealSimGear G500 here and available for purchase at X-Aviation

The G500 will be available Friday, September 24, 2021, at 10am EDT for a price of $49.95.