New review of RealSimGear GTN750

Here is a video review of our GTN750 by Turbine Daddy


  • Hi Terry,

    This video was actually posted on YouTube by one of our customers, TurbineDaddy, it might be best to ask about the additional gauges etc there.

  • Just received my GNT750 yesterday and am so thrilled about it! The packaging and accessories aside, please do a few techincal videos on the “How To’s” and deeper explanations of the huge numbetr of capabilities this product can perform. The v500+ page Manual, which I printed in advance of the arrival is really detailed but watching the way these c apabilities can be accomplished, would be so much better than spending this “review” on the “outstanding packaging”. Alsxo, since you sound like an Aussie, and I love the accent, could you speak louder so those of us that need that can hear you better. I was a full throated 100% speakers, but still had to lean into the laptop screen to get your voice and the things I wanted to learn about. Unfortunately that was the last minute of a 4 minute video and not much was discussed about those “How To’s”. I am anxiously awaiting your next detailed review, and a series if possible on the way this single piece of sim equipment is going to help mke my experience even better. Just a NOTE: Were did you get those smaller, and hard to find gauges on the far left of your panel? I cannot find anything like that nor locate any gauges that are reasonably priced…YOur screen shot of your panel is awesome…where do we get access to things like you have?

    Terry Kulp

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