Announcing the RealSimGear Perspective+ Software Package

We are excited to introduce the latest addition to our product line—the RealSimGear Perspective+ Software package! The RealSimGear Perspective+ is at the forefront of flight simulation technology, offering an unparalleled replica of the Cirrus Perspective+ avionics suite. This software is perfect for those using a RealSimGear Cirrus Console or Cirrus Cockpit simulator configured with Perspective+ hardware.

Key Features

  • New "NXi" Look and Feel: All screens now mimic the true Perspective+ avionics.
  • Authentic Startup Screens: Includes Passenger and Pilot SAFE/Know Your Limits.
  • Detailed Weight and Balance: Comprehensive fuel pages and specific engine pages.
  • Advanced Synthetic Vision System: Enhanced situational awareness.
  • Comprehensive Flight Planning: SID/STAR/FPL capabilities with fully functional HSI and inset maps.
  • Electronic Checklists: Specific to the chosen aircraft.
  • Vertical Situation Display: Realistic lateral (LNAV) and vertical (VNAV) flight planning.
  • Highly Accurate Autopilot: RNAV capable with all modes correctly implemented, including VNAV descents.
  • User-Defined Holds: Modeled fly-by waypoints.
  • Fully Functional TAWS: Terrain impact prediction and visualization on the PFD and MFD.
  • Comprehensive Failures Simulation: Full set of AUX pages and functional GPS status page.
  • Selectable Active AHRS and ADC Modeled.

This software is fully compatible with the Torquesim G6 SR20, SR22NA, and SR22T aircraft models, known for their exacting accuracy in flight simulation.

Upgrade Paths

  1. Torquesim G6 Aircraft Model Owners: Priced at $1495 plus a one-time $199 setup fee.
  2. G3 Aircraft License Holders: Available for $1495, plus an additional $650 to upgrade your aircraft model to the G6, and a one-time $199 setup fee.

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Experience the next level of flight simulation with the RealSimGear Perspective+ Software package!