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RealSimGear TBM Switch Panel Set

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The RealSimGear TBM Switch Panel Set provides realistic switchs, knobs and control inputs to match those found in the TBM900 aircraft.  The system connects to your PC via a USB cable and comes pre-loaded with the RealSimGear drivers for easy 'plug and play' operation (no configuration required) for the Hotstart TBM900

  • Works with X-Plane (Hotstart TBM900)
  • Will also work with other X-Plane and P3D aircraft with custom command mapping
  • Fully assembled and configured
  • Realistic switches, levers, landing gear lever and LED indicators
  • Simple USB connection

The switch panels can be easily mounted into your panel, or they can be used with the Stay Level Avionix panel made specifically for the RealSimGear TBM package.


  • Upper Switch Panel
  • ICE system control panel
  • Landing gear / ECS control panel (with illuminated landing gear indicator)
  • x1 USB cable

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