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Introducing the RealSimGear Cirrus Cockpit, the ultimate home training platform for any Cirrus Pilot. 

The RealSimGear Cirrus Cockpit is a complete home flight simulator designed to provide an unsurpassed level of immersion and accuracy. This complete solution is the best way to practice all types of flight scenarios in the comfort of your own home. 

The system has been designed from the ground up to work natively with the X-Plane 11 TorqueSim SR22 Series and new SR20. Every switch, button, and knob is provided to allow you to fly from start to finish without touching your keyboard or mouse. In addition, a brand new custom designed throttle and yoke system is provided.  When coupled with PilotEdge, there is simply no better or immersive way to practice flying a Cirrus aircraft at home.

The throttle section includes exact replicas of the throttle and mixture handles, including TOGA button. The flaps handle includes LED indicators.  The three position boost pump switch and fuel tank select lever allow you to practice engine start and engine management workflows. 

The RealSimGear Cirrus yoke system is the only Cirrus yoke available that is dimensionally accurate to the real thing. It’s finished in hand stitched leather and includes pitch and roll trim control, PTT and AP disconnect buttons. The RealSimGear Cirrus yoke also features force feedback so you can practice the correct use of pitch and roll trim and also customize the amount of force required to operate both axis. 

The RealSimGear Cirrus Cockpit has been designed to mount to either a standard desk or soon to be released RealSimGear Flight Sim Frame System.  The new desktop mounting system has been designed which allows for effortless fitting to any desk type.  The throttle unit includes a telescopic support that can be easily adjusted to any desk height.

The RealSimGear Cirrus Cockpit is a self contained flight simulation system, meaning there is only a single USB3 and power connection required.

Cancellation Policy: Cirrus cockpit deposits are fully refundable until the second payment is made 1-2 weeks prior to shipping.

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