Setup for G1000 Suite

Package Inclusions

The G1000 Suite includes the following components

  • x1 Primary Function Display (PFD)
  • x1 Multi-Function Display (MFD)
  • x1 Audio Panel
  • x1 PFD to Audio panel ribbon cable
  • x2 DC Power Packs
  • x2 HDMI right angle adapters
  • x4 USB cables

The PFD and MFD are essentially the same however they have each been loaded and pre-set with their own firmware so that they control the correct module in X-Plane.  If you should want to change this please contact us for instructions.

Mounting Instructions

If you are mounting the G1000 suite in your own panel, please see our FAQ page for details on the required panel cut out shapes. The PFD and MFD are mounted using x4 M3 self tapping screws, inserted from the rear of the panel.  You may substitute a #4 or #5 screw if you do not have M3 screws available.

If you purchased the optional G1000 Suite Desktop Stand the PFD, MFD and audio panel fit into the provided cut outs.

To assemble the stand, position the audio panel bracket between the two PFD/MFD brackets, then add the mounting screws after the PFD/MFD module is installed.

Next, install the Audio Panel. Remove the mounting brackets, insert into the Audio Panel cut out then replace the brackets.  Adjust the provided screws to tighten in place.

Connect the Cables

Next, connect the USB cables.  There are x2 USB cables for each of the PFD and MFD.  Also connect each unit to the PC display output using the provided HDMI right angle adapters.  You do not need to connect directly to a HDMI port on your PC, you can use any available DisplayPort or DVI to HDMI adapter or cable.

Also connect each unit to power using the provided 12v power packs.

Install the Plugin

For X-Plane, download and install the G1000 plugin.  Unzip the downloaded folder and place in your X-Plane plugin folder.


Configure the Display

In Windows, open Display Settings and change the display setting for the smaller display to “Landscape / flipped”, set the resolution to whatever Windows says is recommended.

It is usually best to 'place' the additional displays below and to the center of your primary display. This makes it easy to adjust the G1000 screens to exactly fill the display however if you have multiple other displays, this positioning may need to be modified.

Remove the Bezel Graphics

To override the default G1000 PFD and MFD bezel graphics, download the following files (right click, save as) and place them into the following folder.

C:\X-Plane 11\Resources\bitmaps\cockpit\EFIS\G1000


When you start X-Plane you should see the 'RealSimGear' menu item under the Plugins menu. Here you will find the connected devices screen where you should see a total of 4 entries (PFD1, PFD2, MFD1 and MFD2).  The buttons and knobs are all pre-configured to match the default G1000 included with the stock c172 - G1000 included with X-Plane 11.