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Setup for FSX Boxed Edition

Now for Microsoft FSX Boxed Edition

The RealSimGear plugin for FSX requires Reality-XP GNS430/530/GTN750 or the Mindstar GNS430/530 or G1000.

For use with Reality-XP products

Download the RealSimGear FSX Boxed Edition Plugin and unzip the contents to any folder on your PC.  It's recommended to create a folder named 'RealSimGear'.

Next, you will need to if a configuration file exists for your FSX installation.  This is done by opening a Windows Explorer window and typing '%AppData%' into the address bar, then press enter.


The window will now show the 'AppData\Roaming' folder contents.  Locate the folder named 'Microsoft', then the folder named 'FSX'

In this folder see if there is a file called 'exe.xml' and open this with a text editor.  Edit the file so it contains the text below.  Note, the text in bold below should be changed to match the folder where you unzipped the RealSimGear folder contents.


Save the file. 


If the 'exe.xml' file does not exist, just copy the example file included with the RealSimGear plugin but you will still need to modify the <Path> section with the folder location where you unzipped the RealSimGear plugin folder.


Connect the cables

Connect the HDMI, USB and power cables.  Turn on your PC and the display will show a second windows or mac desktop.  The image displayed on the GNS530 will be inverted, to correct this you will need to adjust the display settings.

Configure the display

In Windows, open Display Settings and change the display setting for the smaller display to “Landscape / flipped”, set the resolution to whatever Windows says is recommended, usually 1280x720.

It is usually best to 'place' the GNS530 display below and to the center of your primary display. This makes it easy to adjust the GNS530 to exactly fill the display however if you have multiple other displays, this positioning may need to be modified.

Once downloaded and installed, you will see the the 'RealSimGear Device Interface' under the 'Add-Ons' menu.  When your 430/530 is connected you will see it in the Device Interface window.

Hide the Bezel Graphics

Follow the instructions in the Reality-XP user guide for hiding the bezel. Essentially, you just need to go into the aircraft folder and edit the 'RealityXP.GNS' file and change the  'nobezel = false' to 'nobezel = true'



Start FSX Steam edition, FSX will ask you if you wish to load the RealSimGear plugin, click 'Yes' and also look out for any other questions that may ask if you wish to add the RealSimGear plugin to your trusted applications.

Once you have the Reality-XP 430/530 up and running, make sure that the option to 'Use Simulator GPS commands' is enabled under 'Advanced Settings'.  To access these settings, hold down the shift key and right click on the Reality-XP 430/530 window.

Some Additional Notes

In order to position the 530/430 screen contents onto the 530/430 device, you will need to Undock the Reality-XP 530/430 window.  

Once this is done, you can drag the window over to the 530/430 device screen, then simply click the maximize icon to fill the screen.  There will be a white bar present at the top of the screen, however this will disappear once you enter full screen mode.

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