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RealSimGear GMA Audio Panel Add-On for G1000

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The RealSimGear GMA Audio Panel G1000 PFD. This allows you to control which COM or NAV radio source is heard while flying.  The unit features rubber buttons and LED indicators that display which COM or NAV radio is being monitored and which COM radio is being used for transmission.  This unit significantly increases the level of realism when using virtual ATC services such as PilotEdge.

The other buttons and the volume knob, while not used in X-Plane are available for mapping to other functions if desired.

The following items are included

  • GMA Audio Panel
  • Panel Mounting Brackets
  • Ribbon cable for connection to the RealSimGear PFD unit (Gen 1 - 3 G1000 only)
  • USB connection for Gen 4 G1000

NOTE: This product is only usable with the RealSimGear G1000 PFD.  Contact us to order correct varient of GMA bracket.

GMA Side Bracket available for mounting onto single G1000 PFD Stand

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